Sep 172014

Hey, this isn’t an old D&D module. Nope, It’s Tunnels & Trolls, kids. In that small chance that you don’t know, Tunnels & Trolls is an original old school game that isn’t based around d20’s. If you have no idea about the system then check out the free (older) version on Drivethrurpg or you can just a wee bit more and the Deluxe Edition should be out soon. But this post ain’t about the game itself. It’s about Uncle Ugly’s Underground.
The dungeon begins in a simple room with three doors. One labeled “Death”, another “Doom”, and the third “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” Let me put it simply this is a killer dungeon (like many of the T&T adventures). One thing that modern gamers will notice immediately is that there’s no setup. No hook. Just here’s the dungeon. There’s no story arch or catch or boss monster. It’s a dungeon inhabited by monsters and traps with some cool treasure. That’s a feature not a bug. Plug where ever and however you want into your own campaign.
Even if you don’t play T&T and the idea of a wild dungeon crawl just chills your spine then there’s some really good inspiration and stuff you hack and move to your favorite OSR game. Most notable and eligible for use are The Smoke Snakes Altar (which could have come from a Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure), The Miss One Turn Jewel (could have come from a Flailsnails game), and The Wardens of the Walls (Beware players who are too smart for their own good).
And there’s a great piece of wisdom from Ugly John Carter, the author, “Remember that this is YOUR dungeon now, and if you are not particularly happy with one aspect or another – not enough treasure, too much treasure, too deadly, not deadly enough – then feel free to change it. Ideally, this dungeon should spark your imagination and lead yo on to flights of elaboration. It would be a shame to allow the parameters of the text to shackle your creativity.” And that folks is what I really love about that old school stuff. DIY and creativity.
You can still grab the PDF over at Warehouse 23.