Re-purposing Horror Adventures to Urban Fantasy/Dresden Files

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Oct 182010

It’s that time of year again. Time roll out the ghosts and ghoulies. You know. Halloween. Normally around this time of year I like to throw up some stuff Horror related stuff but this I want to head down a slightly different but related alley. I’m talking about urban fantasy gaming. I’ve always been a fan of mixing the mundane and magical. Maybe that’s why I have such fond memories of Shadowrun and of course I’m writing out the preliminary stuff for a Dresden Files RPG campaign.
There’s really not that much difference between urban fantasy and horror. You’ve got many of the same basic ingredients but with a different tone. It’s like the difference between ice cream and crème anglaise. Let me put this little scene as an example:
The Horror Scene: The demon lurches out the shadows towards the party. They scream in terror, hop they don’t die, go insane or worse.
The Urban Fantasy Scene: The demon lurches out the shadows towards the party. They bravely step forward and ask for their dry cleaning.
Now, here’s the thing if you’re a crusty old gamer like me, you have a closet overflowing with stuff from games of yesteryear and you probably are with a different gaming than you were back then. It’s a whole pile of unused stuff. I’ve got a handy pile of unused adventures and seeds for various systems. While most of the campaign leg work is done during city creation, a GM still is going to need a few stand alone adventures or may have something with a little tweaking would fit into the meta-plot. The great thing about Dresden Files/FATE is that it’s really easy to convert stuff into it. All it takes is a little adjusting of tone and power level. In any urban fantasy setting, the characters are accustomed to the supernatural and will probably be a supernatural type themselves. That monster may be a bad ass against a bunch of monster hunters with shotguns but against a party that approaches on an equal footing is another thing entirely.
I’m not going to say exactly which adventures I’ve got up my sleeve (in case any players happen to stop by here) but there’s a stack of stuff from Chill, Kult, Call of Cthuhlu (in all its many iterations), Savage Worlds (Thanks 12 to Midnight) and various d20 Modern seeds and bits.
Once this campaign gets going in a couple months, I’ll be posting some notes and thoughts about those converted adventures. Say tuned, folks.