Some Advice for New Writers: Don’t Write

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Jan 082011

Don’t even think that I’m sort of expert. I’m just like so many of you out there. A budding writer chomping at the bit to get something published.
But as I sit here getting geared up for a new year with new goals, I have to say to myself, “What is the most important thing that I need to remember?” Make time to not write. I know that sounds silly and counter productive. It’s easy to say that if you aren’t writing then you aren’t moving forward.
You need to spend that time hunched over your keyboard in your writing cave. It’s like a freaking drug. You’re addicted and you have to do it. But you need to take the time to observe and interact with humanity in its natural habitat. Remember, your characters are “people” too. You need to set aside some time for friends and significant others. Take the time to actually network with people face to face. Take the time to unwind and refocus. But never use it as an excuse not to write.
Now just shut up, quit your whining and get back to your cave, word monkey!