Mar 172010

I’m still catching up on posting and doing my usual web surfing but figured I’d take some time to bring up these two little things.
The venerable Uncle Bear posted the Rolpunk Manifesto many months ago and it popped up again a few days ago. This time I took the time to think about it a little more. Damn, how very true. Around the same time, I was wandering my through Tracy Hickman’s Xtreme Dungeon Mastery. OK, I haven’t bought the book and I have to admit at $30 it’s pretty far down on my shopping list but the web site has enough tidbits and teasers to get the idea.
These two concepts of gaming boil it down to the simple mantra of “Do it your way and have fun”. No ranting and raving about “you’re playing it wrong”. Or the Edition Wars. Or the ever annoying Power Gamers and the Cult of RAW. Just shut the hell up. Roll the dice and have fun. You aren’t out to prove that your better than the GM or the other players. If you are then chances your group is either doormats or desperate. Proving your intellectual prowess via rules litigation just slows things down and annoys everyone else.
Feel free to convert, kit bash and house rule the crap out of your favorite game. Be creative. Remember to age old Golden Rule that rules are just guidelines. Don’t be afraid to choose story and entertainment over power builds. Remember the Rule of Cool.
Which brings us to the Rule of Gordo. If you happen to keep the occasional eye on the Friday Night Tweetfest, you’d know a couple of weeks ago we were down a cleric for our Pathfinder Council of Thieves game. Things did not go well. My Tiefling ranger thoroughly got sliced and diced by a couple of Bearded Devils. My ranger was pretty much your brooding stoic type. But with his untimely and very bloody death, we have the party member. Enter Gordo the Magnificentest. (This is an inside joke about another player’s character from Crimson Throne, Kaden the Magnificent.) Gordo is a halfling aberrant sorcerer. After two sessions, he has managed to burn down a building which contained hefty amount of loot and the party’s fighter who ran back into the building to rescue the treasure. He has attacked a Bone Devil with a tree and turned an evil devil summoned circle into meat. Which came to rise the Rule of Gordo: There’s a right way, a wrong way and the Gordo way of doing things. The Gordo way may not be the best or most efficient but it tends to memorable and entertaining. So I do have to admit that I did have some inspiration when creating this character. (And yes I have the Doom Song on my cell phone.)
So to sum up this rant. Shut up. Roll the dice. Have fun. And play whatever game you want to; how you want to.

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  2 Responses to “The Rolpunk Manifesto+Xtreme Dungeon Mastery+The Rule of Gordo”

  1. I’ve been following your posts for some time. I’m a big Savage Worlds fan (thus my interest in your blog). But recently I spotted a Pathfinder adventure path that has me and my players hyped: Kingmaker.
    We’ve had lots of experience with 3.5, but none with Pathfinder. 3.5 was fun at low levels, but at upper levels it really bogged down, and many arguments ensued over interpretation of spell/rule wording.
    Can you tell me about your experiences with Pathfinder?
    (Note: someone has started a thread about a Kingmaker conversion to Savage Worlds…yay)

  2. Yes, I’ve neglected my wonderful friend SW for quite a while but sounds a great idea for post. 🙂

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