May 232011

“You all meet in a tavern. There is a dark stranger in the corner.” Really, this has become a joke but we’ve really done little to make towns and cities interesting.
The local town becomes a place to buy and sell swag, pick up and cash in quests and heal. Butcher, baker magic shop. Yawn. Hey, that’s just like a freaking video game. There’s no reason for us to get stuck into that rut. Cities and even whole fantasy worlds have become cookie cutter Tolkien clones. We’re more creative than that.
Enter Vornheim. This little book by Zak S, best known for I Hit It With My Axe and the D&D with Porn Stars blog, is pretty damned awesome. After reading through Vornheim, my first thought was “Duh, why didn’t I think of that?”
The book centers on its namesake city but don’t let that stop you. Let that be your inspiration to move on and turn the hum drum locales into something interesting and memorable. And that’s what this book is really about. It takes all those bits and pieces that you already have in countless source books and then hits you over the head with them. “Break the mold, you idiot!” Medusa running the library. Sure why not? Crazy laws. Make a trip to town and adventure in and of itself. Fear not, gentle DM. It is OK to twist the world and give the players something that they aren’t expecting. And that’s another thing. There is no reason to take the philosophy and concepts of Vornheim and just leave them in a city. Hell, dare to make your world an interesting place.
The thing is Vornheim takes all of this and neatly and efficiently crams it into a relativity short book. This isn’t a normal city book that’s a list of shops and NPC’s. It’s a kit to make cities interesting and worth the cost. It’s well worth it.
Available thru Drivethrurpg, Lamentations of the Flame Princess and bunch of other places.

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  1. Nice buddy! I don’t think I even need to comment on how much I love this little book, do I? 😉

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