Jul 222010

Recommendation: Rent it. Sorry the ending is so silly.
There’s some really good movies that have come out of Russia. If haven’t see Nightwatch yet, do so now. But that’s not what this review is about. This is about Wolfhound, a fairly decent fantasy tale from the East.
Yeah, I said fairly decent. The set up is pretty standard. Bad guys murder an entire village except for one child who gets sent to mines. Said child grows fights for his freedom and becomes our stoic hero. But don’t hold that against it. The action sequences are gritty. The characters are interesting and actually break away from some of the stereotypes that us Americans are used to and I’m sure there were some cultural references that I totally missed. The story is pretty good tale of unjust kings, curses, arranged marriages and revenge. I really like the production design of the movie as well. There weren’t any polished marble halls. Everybody was pretty much in rags walking through the mud. Our Hero, Wolfhound, does have the habit of picking up a ragtag band of sidekicks who he then allows to go off on their own quest but of course they are reunited at the end. And special nods should go out to one of the coolest animal companions, Ragged Wing the Fruit Bat.
I really enjoyed the first three quarters of the movie. But the end. Errr. Kind of silly. I’ll try to avoid spoilers but you have been warned. The bat turns into a helpful sidekick ala Beastmaster. And our hero ends up with biggest freaking light saber in the entire universe. Really, that thing is like 100 feet long. No I am not kidding. And there’s more silliness at the end but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Just kind of ignore the end and enjoy the rest of the movie.

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  1. Agreed. Enjoyable fun movie fare. Better than The Last Airbender even with the silly ending.

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