Sep 172015

Yeah, it’s sort of like that. In case you don’t know, Chopped is on the Food Network. The premise is basically pretty simple. Chefs get a “mystery box” of ingredients and then have to make something good out them. Now the ingredients usually have three things that play well together but the fourth is something that’s totally off the wall.
I wake up in the morning and open up my mental mystery box. What’s in there? Well, sometimes there’s some neat ideas that work well together. Sometimes it’s exactly what I need to make the progress that I should be making on my projects. Other days, it’s a crazy hodgepodge of weirdness. Maybe I can twist this stuff to work into my current projects. Or maybe I should just write those ideas down and save them for later. Then there’s the days when the mental mystery box is empty. There’s nothing there. I have to run to the pantry and dig out the standard staples and try to make those interesting.
So yeah. My brain sort of works like that. So if you’ll excuse me time to dig into my mental mystery box and get to work.

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