Mar 142011

It’s Monday and it keeps being Monday. I read this little gem over the net earlier today and I’m still a pretty pissed about it.
Let’s see. Hmm. The argument boils down to this. AT&T claims that they really can’t handle the traffic of the bandwidth hogs. It’s difficult to tell since they I doubt that they will ever be open about it but third party commenters doubt the veracity of that statement. That’s a polite way of saying, “I call bullshit.”
Maybe I wouldn’t be so pissed if I actually had some viable choices. But I don’t. Oh, yeah. I wish they would deliver the speed they promised but they usually don’t,
But on the bright side, if you are a U-Verse subscriber, you get more bandwidth. There you go. AT&T’s first bitch slap on Net Neutrality.
Of course, if you don’t hear from for a few days, it means the cyber-patrol of AT&T hunted me down and clipped my lines. (Note: I’m just kidding I don’t think AT&T has an elite black ops cyber-hit team.)

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